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get this shit outa here already

SpadeBoy responds:

I'll take criticism if you have any. If it's really that much of a concern i'd really like to improve. If thats not too much to ask?

my life be like when this animation can only get the compliment of being dogshit

SpadeBoy responds:

honestly same here


dumbass doesnt know how to use the dump

This is the dumbest shit ever dude.
Madness combat isnt made to be exploited like this,
stop this madness.


A really cool ass movie, with cool elements to it.
But, it could of been better.

To start:
It was way too fast and just pretty uneasy to watch when there is so much happening, and you didn't give some parts enough time, you need to slow down. It's your biggest mistake from my end.

The music that was used didn't fit in that much.
Judging by your fast style, the music should 'of been faster in my opinion.

But overall, was pretty cool. The background of the city was pretty futuristic, but didnt fit in with the whole "hank the protagonist" idea. Just leave hank be, in his old days. By that i mean, use a new protagonist.

kRyyNG responds:

Yeah I think It might've been too fast at some moments. Mostly at the end I havent really thought out timing adjustments. In the rest you're right, and Ill do my best to master my skills. Also fun fact, at first it supposed to be a kelzad's style tribute. By that I mean not drawing any sprites myself and not making any effects, but it got really boring to use only finished props. That's why it looks how it does.

Its really good.

I love the animation but there were some bugs there and there. But that wont stop me from not loving this animation.

5 from me.

Obnoxious But Consistent.

It was way too short too keep the story up. ( And thats the main problem. )
Prov22 didn't get any better. But Burtjack has alot of improvements.

Again i see, that it was soo inspired by the REALM series.
The other "nibba" who had custom hands was like yeelon. Like cmon get some originality.

3.5 from me.

Prov22 responds:

Stop trying to find realm everywhere. You have lunacy on this. Btw all characters in this movie have custom hands :/

I have nothing to say. Its perfect.

Everything was synced, The animation was gorgeous.
And the music was flipping ass good.

5 from me.

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