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happy madness day111

2017-09-22 08:26:57 by Kreepah

i don't have any SUBMISSIONS today.
There was 1 collab that should of been released on md17 but it was canceled.

Here you have my progress.


haha 100

2017-09-19 09:52:33 by Kreepah

Thankie for 100-tienie fans.

1 test

fuck off.

i'll edit it later into le epic post.


2017-07-20 03:44:13 by Kreepah

I just got this wierd motivational boost out of no-where.
So that just greatly increased my work speed, Woah.
But im still kinda slacking off, xd.

I also want to point out some other stuff...
that im removing some "Friends" From newgrounds,
because i want to keep it clean and listed. ( Keeping the real friends )

Im trying not to join any collabs that are simplistic as fuck,
And more working on my "Solo" Projects.

And here are my SpeedRage 3 collab clips:

 Kinf'd ( My favorite )

I put them here because, the collab was pretty quick and my parts were pretty short,
So you could get a better look, at what i have done.


Speedrage3 collabdfbsfa ( BUSYYY!Y!Y )

2017-07-07 15:43:36 by Kreepah

fuck you 2

( 3 Clips done not making anything else )


Happy Birthday to me ( W o a )

2017-06-19 05:08:53 by Kreepah

So its "Ma birthday"
Nothing special has happened or changed, yet.
Im still working on some collabs* ( *Just 1 currently )

Here you have some progress images:


Currentrly 307 frames! ( rip )
thats about it.


Moar Updates ( haha )

2017-04-11 04:41:15 by Kreepah

Sorry, again.
But I am not going to publish anything that was in the older post.
Just going to make something more "Simple"
vVv Haha, here is a picture of what is going to come out, 10% chance. vVv


If you are not here to mind "That"
Here i have some, uhhh, g... ga-, Tests? ( All that i have and are new )

1. SMG-Test
2. Recoil
3. CustomSprite-Pistol-Test ( Sprites by: @GLaDOS55 )
4. LessDynamic-Test
5. DisDud2 ( DisDud1 )
6. SMG2-Test
7. GayFallingThingy
8. MyOwnSprite-Test ( LatestOne, Evrything done with the *Mouse )


A little update. ( SmallOne )

2017-03-18 05:10:34 by Kreepah

It has been some time, haven't posted for some time.
But do i have some "Uninteresting" News.
I've completely scrapped the *BackGround*
And revamped the whole thing*


Its just going to be like any other movie, Protagonist *Peiw, Peiw* *Death* and *De endo*
Just a bit more my style and more "Original" ( SELLOUT )
However, Don't actualy know how long I'll make it.
My first legit movie. ( FOK OF collabz )


Still my discord is *Kinda* alive.
I be there everytime.
Also going to do some events, someday. ( Probably never, Xd? )


Probably will never ever join any collabs. ( PROBABLY )

2017-02-04 04:48:28 by Kreepah

There isn't an exact reason for this "Thing?".
It's just that im not that intrested in collabs anymore.
But the dummy that I am, Im still in Kenamys collab "Madness Collab : CO-OP MODE"

Also working on some* Projects. ( *By "Some Projects" I mean one )

It's pretty "BearBones".


On the other hand, The second "Semester" is ending! ( For me atleast )
That means more playing games for me! Or animating, ehh-yay... :c

And herz a gai test that didn't make it to- Madness Corruption collab 2

Recoil. ( TooFuckedToAnimateTheSheelz )


Happy Holidays! ( Late* )

2016-12-26 03:43:00 by Kreepah

Well I haz nothing else to say, Just Merry Cristmass! And Happy "NEW" Year!

I expect that 2017 will be a better year than 2,16.

And i got more insparations from others, So new "Thingys" are comin.


Motivated ( I Will Never Be )

2016-11-24 10:23:25 by Kreepah


Motivation - Big and a Strong word, That not everybody can use it to describe themselves.

Me, On the other hand, "Can't" use this word, "You get the idea".


But I've got some news for others, Who animate.

v "It's This!" v



Well mostly im just animating then, When I have free-Time or "Don't" have anything *to do. ( *Get bored of games )

At the mean time just ganna hang out on NewGrounds and reply, Review, and something like that.